My names

Sage Fennel

My name is Sage Fennel. Please note that Fennel is actually my middle name. I haven't decided on a last name yet. You may enter Fennel as my last name in contexts that require two names but do not need my legal name.


My pronouns are they/them/theirs.


I'm known universally as wavebeem online. You may call me wavebeem on the internet, or wave in in-game voice chat if you forget my real name. Please do not capitalize wavebeem.

Legal name

My legal name is currently Brian Mock. You may only use this name when legally required to, or when explaining my new name to someone who only knows me by my previous name.

Other terms

I do not use honorifics such as Mr, Ms, or Mx. I prefer gender neutral terms when possible. Otherwise be creative, or use a feminine term. For example, I would prefer Queen Sage to King Sage, but Your Highness, The Royal Sage, and monarch are better.